Natural Swimming Pools without Chlorine

Natural Swimming Pools without Chlorine Swimming pools are great in the summer. Chlorine is not. But there is an alternative: natural swimming pools. 

Natural swimming pools have begun gaining in popularity. Instead of using harmful chemicals like chlorine to keep the water clean, natural swimming pools utilize the cleansing properties of gravel and plant life. Because of this, natural swimming pools are sometimes fondly dubbed swimming “ponds.”

Though sometimes called “ponds,” natural swimming pools are actually much closer traditional swimming pools. Whereas a pond contains mud and plant life all throughout it, a natural swimming pool restricts the plants to a single area of the pond. This area works like a natural filter removing all the impurities from the water.

Natural swimming pools are best suited to in-ground pools. The traditional pool area is filled with cement or liner as usual, but instead of having a deck or sidewalk all the way around it, one end of the pool’s outround is dug out a couple feet as well. The pool walls on that end of the pool are left low enough to allow some of the pool’s water to flow into the dugout area.

The dugout area is filled with gravel and plants. The water flows out of the pool into the plant zone where it’s purified by the plants like a natural filter. A pump is then used to pump the cleaned water back into the other end of the pool. No chlorine needed.

Natural swimming pools have been popular in Europe for a while (check out this gorgeous one in Spain). They’re certainly a healthier option than chlorine filled swimming pools and they’re often more aesthetically pleasing as well. Natural swimming pools are also more cost efficient in the long run as there’s no need to buy chlorine.

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