Photo Effect Tutorial – Make Photos Look Vintage

Photo Effect Tutorial - Make Photos Look Vintage I’ve always loved tintype photographs (I’ve been told I lived a past life during the Civil War, so I suppose that might have something to do with it), but I’ve never taken the time to actually get into the tintype process. So in lieu of pulling out a real tintype camera, my latest photographic obsession has been creating “fake” tintypes digitally.

You make pretty much any photograph look like a vintage image with a few simple editing tools. Photoshop is a good software because it has them all, but you can get the same effect with other editing softwares as well. In this particular photo effect tutorial I’m using Arcsoft editing software (basically a less involved version of Photoshop)

The editing tools you’ll be needing are an eraser that you can set the transparency. A cloning tool. The ability to sepia tone the image. And the usual contrast/brightness/saturation tools.

When picking your image, choose one where the subject is not smiling, as very few people smiled in their portraits back in the days of vintage photographs.

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