Everything Else Gallery

Everything Else Gallery

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~ Albert Einstein

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                     Spellcaster - by Amber Reifsteck          White Pumpkins - by Amber Reifsteck    

Summer Flight         Afternoon Nap - by Amber Reifsteck         Winter Sunset         Happy Nap

Holding Autumn          Naptime          Stretch          Peek-a-boo

Twist and shout          window box          Yoga Kitty          Morning Harvest

Secret Garden          Pumpkins on a stick          Deli-pumpkin          Sugar Sugar

Gourd Guard          What's Inside          Sittin' in the Sink          Autumn Decor

Window Watcher          Pillow Talk          Snuggle Time

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Amber Reifsteck
~ The Woodland Elf ~
Rushville, NY 14544
Email: Amber@TheWoodlandElf.com