Nature Gallery

Nature Gallery

“Those who take for their standard any one but nature, the mistress of all masters,
weary themselves in vain.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

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                      Little Turtle          Ladybugs

Fledgling           Tadpole           Blue sky           Golden Orb

spring blossoms          Lady Bug Couple          Humming Bee         wet web

Barn Swallow         Blue Jay         Morreal         Frozen

Nesting          Perch         lightning crashes     Moon Halo

Autumn Fire - by Amber Reifsteck     Sunset Shadows    

Poison Beauty     Sunset Magic     Autumn Contrast

All images are copyright by Amber Reifsteck and may not be used without permission.

Amber Reifsteck
~ The Woodland Elf ~
Rushville, NY 14544