Raw Milk Benefits

Raw Milk BenefitsWith the advent of factory farming, milk pasteurization became a necessity for health safety reasons, however, pasteurized milk is missing many of the raw milk benefits.

Many factory farms are unhealthy places where E. coli and other bacterias run rampant. As such their milk is very unsafe to drink straight and needs to be pasteurized. However, because of the many raw milk benefits, some of the smaller dairies are beginning to offer raw milk once again. These dairies are smaller and have stricter standards that must be followed to ensure the raw milk is safe. If you can find such a dairy near you, your body will thank you as there are many raw milk benefits.

For starters, raw milk is unpasteurized and unhomogenized. It’s in its natural form which makes it much easier for our bodies to digest. Many people who have dairy intolerance to pasteurized milk find they are not affected when they drink raw milk.

Raw milk contains valuable vitamins such A, C, B6, and B12. Normally these are destroyed during the pasteurization process. By drinking raw milk we get all the benefits of these vitamins as well as other essential enzymes and proteins that are lost when milk is pasteurized.

Aside from the health benefits, another of the raw milk benefits is taste. Raw milk has a much richer, creamier flavor than store-bought milk, even when the raw milk has been skimmed. In my own household we regularly consumed raw milk for several years as my mother’s cousin had a small dairy that was approved to sell raw milk.

Milk day was always very exciting. We’d fill up several 8-quart jugs with fresh raw milk, bring it home and let it set for a day. The cream would float to the top and we’d skim it off to make butter in our great-grandmother’s butter churn. The rest we’d divide into quart jars, stick them in the freezer, then pull them out as needed. Between the raw milk benefits, the homemade butter, and the great taste, we couldn’t go wrong with the fresh stuff.

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