Remember the Good Things

Remember the Good ThingsSo now that we’re getting into the new year, I thought I’d share a cool New Year project idea that I came across last year.

Sometimes in the rush of things, we have a tendency to focus on the negative rather than the positive. So here’s a fun little project that might help reverse that train of thought. I think I saw it on Pinterest and I thought it was such a great idea when I came across it that I just had to share it. If we can remember more of the great things in a year, we’ll be more grateful, and being grateful has been shown make us happier as well. It’s a perfect way to make your New Year seem great!

Basically you get yourself a jar. It can be any jar, whether it’s a cute little mason jar, an old coffee can, or an I Dream of Jeannie bottle (if you’re so inclined). It just has to be something that can hold paper. You can spruce up the jar by writing the year on it, a sign that says “Good Things” or decorate it in any other way that you please.

Once you’ve got your jar decorated to your liking, set it in a place where it will be easily accessible all year. Then starting on New Year’s day, every time something good happens, write the moment on a piece of paper and drop it in the jar. It can be something as nice and simple as witnessing a beautiful sunset, or something as fantastic as the birth of a child. Whatever it is, don’t let the size of the event matter. Just write down all those good things and drop them into your jar, and do it for the entire year.

Then on New Year’s Eve, empty out the jar and read all the little notes, reminding yourself how great your year was. You might be surprised by the number of great little things you’ve forgotten about. So give it a try and see if you find yourself feeling more grateful and happier at the end of year.
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2 thoughts on “Remember the Good Things

    • Thanks! Yeah, I saw it and I thought it was a such cool idea that I had to share it. Figured we could all use a little more happiness (especially in the middle of January when we’re buried under 2 feet of snow! 😉)

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