Spiderman Costume Tutorial Part 4: DIY Boots and Pants

Spiderman Cosplay DIY Part 4 Pants and BootsSo the final part of the Spiderman cosplay DIY tutorial is the pants and boots.

The base boots I picked up for a few bucks in a 2nd hand shop. The red stockings were just a pair of kid’s stockings, so they were small and hugged the boots well. The blue pants I got for a few bucks in a 2nd hand shop. Check in the “workout clothes” area, that’s where I found these. If you can’t find a pair locally, they also sell them fairly inexpensively here on Amazon.

Fun fact: The spider in the final scene is a Black and Yellow Argiope. They’re my favorite spiders, but they’re usually only seen in the late summer and fall. They like to make their webs in my sunflowers and goldenrod.

Blue leggings
Navy blue fabric marker
Pair of boots
Red nylon stockings
Black puffy paint (optional)

Spiderman Cosplay DIY Boots and Pants Tutorial Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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