Star Lord Part 4 – Cheap and Easy Star Lord Sling Bag

Cheap and Easy Star Lord Sling BagYou can make a cheap and easy Star Lord sling bag from an old purse and little fake leather fairly quickly. Just pull out the hot glue gun, and put it all together.

Naturally not every purse will work for this, you’ll need to find one whose shape lends itself well to the Star Lord sling bag. I made several trips to the Salvation Army before I finally found this one, so you may want to star looking in 2nd hand shops well before you actually need the costume. The distressed material I used on the sling bag I found in JoAnn Fabrics.

An old brown purse
1 foot of brown distressed fabric
A few old straps
Gold paper fasteners
1 belt (unless your purse strap is long enough to be a sling bag)
Scrap pieces of 2mm and 3mm craft foam
Pair of boots
X-acto knife or scissors
Hot glue gun
Metallic silver or gunmetal gray paint
Metallic blue and purple paint
Paint brush

Cheap and Easy Star Lord Sling Bag Tutorial By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf
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