Star Lord Part 5 – DIY Star Lord Helmet

DIY Star Lord HelmetAnd so finally we come to the DIY Star Lord Helmet, the last part of the Star Lord cosplay.

You can make this DIY Star Lord helmet very inexpensively out of mostly craft foam and cardstock. The template I used for this DIY Star Lord helmet is one that I made freehand, so it’s not as good as a full pepakura build. When finished, it ends up being a bit more square shaped than it should be, but it’s also a lot faster and easier.

Helmet template (download here)
2 Sheets of 3mm craft foam
1 sheet of 5mm craft foam
Scrap pieces of 2mm craft foam
8 jointed drinking straws
4 scrapbooking brads
Hot glue gun
Metallic silver, gold, and gunmetal gray paint, and paint brush
White glue (school glue) and foam brush
Clear, stiff plastic
Red marker
Sticky backed velcro

DIY Star Lord Helmet Tutorial Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf
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