Star Wars Soap Mold Review and Demo

Star Wars Soap Mold Review and Demo So earlier last year I bought myself some Star Wars soap molds, and I’ve been having such a blast with them, I thought I’d do a little review/demo about them.

The Star Wars soap molds I use in the video below can be purchased here on Amazon. They’re actually marketed as ice cube molds for making nerdy ice cubes and candy, but as soapmaker, I found they work great for soap as well. The Star Wars soap molds come as a set of 7 for a little over $20. (You can also buy the molds individually, but hey, it’s Star Wars; I definitely had to have the whole set!) It’s a pretty good price, considering that it’s about the same cost as a plastic soap mold, but being silicone, these will last a lot longer, and the detail in them is incredible. I don’t recommend using white soap for the shapes though, as it drowns out the detailing.

If you want to create some homemade soap dye to use with your molds, check out my dandelion dye tutorial here.

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