Superman Costume Part 1: DIY Superman Costume Cheap and Easy Shirt and S Emblem

DIY Superman CostumeThis is a tutorial for a fairly easy DIY Superman costume. This tutorial is for the first part of the costume, the shirt (I broke the usual bodysuit into two pieces) and the S emblem. 

Didn’t have a chance to get a requested costume tutorial done this week, so this is one that I had already filmed. This will be followed later by the other tutorials for the rest of the costume. This could also be used for Lois or Lana as Superwoman if you’re so inclined. The design I did here is somewhat of a cross between the Henry Cavill Superman costume and a picture I saw on DeviantArt, with a little bit of the traditional Superman costume thrown in there (I was pretty much raised on the New Adventures of Superman every Sunday night, so I just had to include a small bit of tradition with the bright red cape).

I really like the costume in Man of Steel because I liked the whole extra terrestrial flight suit theme, rather just some costume his mom had made for his alter-ego (that, and they finally learned to put the underwear on the INSIDE of the costume, so automatic improvement!), so that’s kinda the look I went for here; a sort of slightly retro space flight suit look. (And I know I’m wearing pretty much the worst superman hair ever, but it was the only short brown wig I had).

The red and gold performance materials I found in JoAnn Fabrics, and the blue crushed velvet was left over from my Wonder Woman cape, but that also came from JoAnn’s originally.

Print out of the Superman emblem
1 foot of gold shiny performance material
1 foot of red shiny performance material
2 feet of pellon (you’ll use the excess later for the belt)
A navy blue long sleeved shirt (made of stretchy fabric like a knit turtleneck)
A foot of crushed blue velvet (you’ll use the excess later for the pants)
Hot glue gun
Sticky backed velcro

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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