Keep the Vampires Out of Your House

Keep the Vampires Out of Your HouseI really had ya going with that title didn’t I? The vampires I’m actually referring to are the appliances in your house that use “standby” power. They’re often referred to as vampires because they suck energy from your home the way vampires suck blood. 

Many of our household items such as computers and televisions are always set on “standby” when they’re plugged in. They’re never actually completely turned off and therefore continue to suck up power (sometimes as much as 20 watts each) at all hours of the day. Over time that extra energy being sucked up by your appliance vampires adds up substantially.

The biggest energy vampires in your house are usually the TV (especially the newer LCD and plasma TV’s), Computers, Microwaves, Video gaming systems, and Cell phone/tablet/power tool chargers that are left plugged in even when they’re not charging a device.

The cure? Unplug your electrical devices when they’re not in use. This saves a ton of energy over time, therefore reducing pollution, as well as saving you money on your energy bill! It’s a win-win situation; go green, save green.

Sometimes it can be a struggle to unplug all your devices, however, as they may be hard to reach. An easy solution is getting a power strip. You can plug related devices such as TV, DVD player, and gaming console into the same strip, since you’ll generally be using those devices at the same time. Then once you’re finished, just flip the power strip to off, preventing those items from going to standby mode, and keeping the energy vampires out of your house.

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