Wonder Woman Costume DIY Part 3: Corset and Skirt

Wonder Woman Costume DIY Part 3: Corset and Skirt This is the final part of my Wonder Woman costume tutorial and it details how to make the skirt and the corset. Continue reading

Making an Elvin Archer Part 3: The Corset

Since this elvin archer is female, we needed a corset. I made this out of the same faux leather stuff as the bracers, but instead of putting fabric stiffener inside, I used two layers of denim. I had to give it a light “boning” without it being uncomfortable (battle elves needing to be able to move around quckly after all), so instead of metal or plastic boning, I lined the front of the corset with some vertical nylon strings. Actually, to be specific, the nylon strings are bailing twine (not just for use on haybails), to allow for plenty of flexibility, while still providing support. It’s a front-lacing corset, so I used metal lacing holes on this, which I’ve done never before. Usually I just whipstitch around a cut to make a lacing hole, same as a button, but in this case, since it’d be seen from the front, I wanted it to look a bit fancier. I think I’ll be using them for any corset I make from now on. They’re not too difficult to work with and they look great!