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Elven Leaf Brooch – DIY Cheap and Easy

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Making an Elvin Archer Part 6: The Shirt

For shirt I used light green broadcloth, double-layered on the torso part, and single-layered on the sleeves. It’s one of the Renaissance style, large shirts. I kept it fairly short so there wouldn’t be a lot to stuff into the corset. The collar was a two inch wide piece of fabric that I did a running stitch on, and pulled it up tight, then I sewed it between the two layers of the shirt. To make the sleeves poofy, I cut them in a shape sort of like a half moon, and sewed the curved edge to the body of the shirt. The flat edges I made sure to cut on the bias so I wouldn’t have to hem them. Then to enhance the “poof” I sewed some half-inch brown ribbon onto the sleeve-bottoms, sewing only at the very edges which left a tunnel in between. Through the tunnel, I ran a thinner piece of brown ribbon so the sleeves can be pulled up tight for added “poofyness” and a good fit on the arms. The olive green piece of cloth at the bottom is a sash/belt that goes around the waist.

The costume was finished off with a pair of latex elf ears.

Making an Elvin Archer Part 5: The Shorts

To make the shorts, I took a pair of brown pants, kinda like sweatpants, but not quite so thick, and cut them off below the knee. Then I rolled the bottoms up a couple inches and sewed the roll in place. The pants had pockets in them, so instead of sewing them out, I left them in, figuring they might be convienent. And since the skirt will go over them, they won’t show anyway. I cut the slits in the sides about an inch wide and sewed the seams wit keep them from unravelling. I didn’t use metal lacing holes for these, I just did the whipstitch holes as I was afraid the metal might be uncomfortable on bare skin. The ribbon lacing is the same 1/4 inch thick satin brown I used for the the cloak closure. The waist is drawstring again, like the skirt, to ensure good fit.

Making an Elvin Archer Part 4: The Skirt

For the skirt, I had enough faux suede left over from the cloak to make the skirt from that. This is probably the simplest part of the costume. I just cut the front section, and the back section (the longer part), sitched the two together at the sides, then cut the slits in both front and back. Because the faux suede frays easily, I zig-zag stiched all around the entire edge of each slit with my sewing machine to make sure it doesn’t come unravelled. The waistband I made drawstring to be sure for a perfect fit.

Making an Elvin Archer Part 3: The Corset

Since this elvin archer is female, we needed a corset. I made this out of the same faux leather stuff as the bracers, but instead of putting fabric stiffener inside, I used two layers of denim. I had to give it a light “boning” without it being uncomfortable (battle elves needing to be able to move around quckly after all), so instead of metal or plastic boning, I lined the front of the corset with some vertical nylon strings. Actually, to be specific, the nylon strings are bailing twine (not just for use on haybails), to allow for plenty of flexibility, while still providing support. It’s a front-lacing corset, so I used metal lacing holes on this, which I’ve done never before. Usually I just whipstitch around a cut to make a lacing hole, same as a button, but in this case, since it’d be seen from the front, I wanted it to look a bit fancier. I think I’ll be using them for any corset I make from now on. They’re not too difficult to work with and they look great!

Making an Elvin Archer Part 2: The Bracers

Here are the archer bracers. They look like leather, but they’re not (I love animals, so I rarely use real leather). It’s actually a polyester fabric, that kinda squeaks like leather, sewn around a stiffener to give them the leather feel. These have laceholes and a buckle on each bracer. I found the metal part of the buckles in the pursemaking section of a craft shop. The straps I made from more of the fake leather.

Making an Elvin Archer Part 1: The Cloak

Got the elvin cloak done. It’s a dark green suede-look cloth (100% polyester). I wanted to use alova (my favorite material of choice), but I couldn’t find any in a dark green. This stuff looks just as good, but the edges on it fray, whereas alova doesn’t, so I had to hem them all. I used brown satin ribbon for the tie-closure at the neck.

Making An Elvin Archer

Got two Renaissance costume requests to work this week, a woodlandelf elf archer and a water fairy. They sent me sketches of what they wanted them to look like, and now I get to bring them to life. It’s gonna be fun as fairies and elves are some of my favorite costumes to make anyway. And even more fortunately, I’ve already got most of the material I’ll be needing to make them. Some of it’s left over from other costumes I’ve done, and some it came from Gramma cleaning out her old material and giving me what she didn’t want to use.

First up, the elvin archer cloak.