How to Make Aragorn / Arwen’s Evenstar Necklace

How to Make Aragorn / Arwen's Evenstar Necklace This is a tutorial for the Evenstar necklace that Arwen gives to Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings movies. Continue reading

Making an Elvin Archer Part 6: The Shirt

For shirt I used light green broadcloth, double-layered on the torso part, and single-layered on the sleeves. It’s one of the Renaissance style, large shirts. I kept it fairly short so there wouldn’t be a lot to stuff into the corset. The collar was a two inch wide piece of fabric that I did a running stitch on, and pulled it up tight, then I sewed it between the two layers of the shirt. To make the sleeves poofy, I cut them in a shape sort of like a half moon, and sewed the curved edge to the body of the shirt. The flat edges I made sure to cut on the bias so I wouldn’t have to hem them. Then to enhance the “poof” I sewed some half-inch brown ribbon onto the sleeve-bottoms, sewing only at the very edges which left a tunnel in between. Through the tunnel, I ran a thinner piece of brown ribbon so the sleeves can be pulled up tight for added “poofyness” and a good fit on the arms. The olive green piece of cloth at the bottom is a sash/belt that goes around the waist.

The costume was finished off with a pair of latex elf ears.

Making an Elvin Archer Part 5: The Shorts

To make the shorts, I took a pair of brown pants, kinda like sweatpants, but not quite so thick, and cut them off below the knee. Then I rolled the bottoms up a couple inches and sewed the roll in place. The pants had pockets in them, so instead of sewing them out, I left them in, figuring they might be convienent. And since the skirt will go over them, they won’t show anyway. I cut the slits in the sides about an inch wide and sewed the seams wit keep them from unravelling. I didn’t use metal lacing holes for these, I just did the whipstitch holes as I was afraid the metal might be uncomfortable on bare skin. The ribbon lacing is the same 1/4 inch thick satin brown I used for the the cloak closure. The waist is drawstring again, like the skirt, to ensure good fit.