Iron Man Costume – How Ours Was Made (explanation, not actual tutorial)

How Our Iron Man Costume Was Made (explanation, not actual tutorial) I’ve had quite a few people have asked about the family Iron Man costume, since it’s seen in the background of a lot of my tutorials, so this is a little video basically explaining how our Iron Man costume was made. Continue reading

Iron Man Repulsor – DIY Cheap and Easy

DIY Cheap and Easy Iron Man Repulsor Had a request for an Iron Man repulsor tutorial. This a fairly cheap and easy Iron Man repulsor which you can put together with some pretty basic supplies. Continue reading

Iron Man Arc Reactor that Really Glows – DIY Cheap and Easy

Iron Man Arc Reactor - DIY Cheap and Easy This Iron Man arc reactor looks amazingly realistic, but is actually very easy to make and can be put together with just a few simple materials for around $5. Continue reading