Aquaman Part 3 – How to Make an Aquaman costume: Armor

How to Make an Aquaman Costume ArmorPart 3 of how to make an Aquaman costume is the shoulder armor. Constructed of mostly craft foam, it’s fairly easy to assemble.  Continue reading

Aquaman Part 2: DIY Aquaman Costume Bracers

DIY Aquaman Costume BracersYou can make some fairly easy bracers for your DIY Aquaman costume out of plain old craft foam or you can cover it with Wonderflex for added strength. Continue reading

Aquaman Costume – DIY Aquaman Trident

DIY Aquaman TridentA bright and shiny DIY Aquaman trident is fairy cheap and easy to make. I was able to make this one for around $25 (though I did have some of the materials already on hand). Continue reading

Flash Costume Tutorial Part 3: The Helmet

Flash Costume Tutorial: The HelmetSo in part 3 of the Flash costume tutorial, we start with a Captain America helmet, because why not mix Marvel and DC together right? Continue reading

Flash Costume Part 1: DIY Flash Costume Shirt & Emblem

DIY Flash CostumeThis DIY Flash costume is based on the CW version, since I’m not really a fan of the Justice League version that I’ve seen in the movie trailers so far. Continue reading

Batman Part 4: Batman Cosplay DIY Belt and Gloves

Batman Cosplay DIY Belt and GlovesSo part 4 of the Batman cosplay DIY is the belt (which will include attaching the grapnel gun and batarang from the last tutorial) and the gloves. Continue reading

Batman Costume Tutorial Part 3: Grapnel Gun and Batarang

Batman Costume Tutorial: Grapnel Gun and BatarangA small toy gun and some cardboard will get you a Batman grapnel gun and a batarang with a little tweaking. This is the 3rd part of the Batman costume tutorial. Continue reading

Batman Part 2: How to Make a Batman Costume: Emblem & Chest Armor

How to Make a Batman Costume: Emblem and Chest ArmorSo onto part 2 of how to make a Batman costume, this is for the Batman emblem and the chest armor. Continue reading

Batman Costume Part 1: DIY Batman Costume Cape

DIY Batman Costume CapeOne most recognizable parts of a DIY Batman costume is the cape. This one is super easy to make with a little cutting and minimal (if any) sewing.  Continue reading

Superman Costume Tutorial Part 3: Boots and Cape

Superman Costume Tutorial Part 3This is the final part of the Superman costume tutorial. This this for the boots and cape part of the costume. Continue reading

Superman Costume Part 1: DIY Superman Costume Cheap and Easy Shirt and S Emblem

DIY Superman CostumeThis is a tutorial for a fairly easy DIY Superman costume. This tutorial is for the first part of the costume, the shirt (I broke the usual bodysuit into two pieces) and the S emblem.  Continue reading

Wonder Woman Costume Part 4 – How to Make a Wonder Woman Cape

How to Make a Wonder Woman Cape I was really sick last week, so I didn’t get any requests done up. So instead, here’s a tutorial for a Wonder Woman cape. Continue reading

Hawkgirl Helmet – How to Make a Hawkgirl Helmet

How to Make a Hawkgirl HelmetHad a request for a Hawkgirl helmet tutorial. The whole Hawkgirl helmet is made up of just craft foam and glue, so it’s very inexpensive to make and fairly simple in its construction. Continue reading