Iron Man Repulsor – DIY Cheap and Easy

DIY Cheap and Easy Iron Man Repulsor Had a request for an Iron Man repulsor tutorial. This a fairly cheap and easy Iron Man repulsor which you can put together with some pretty basic supplies. Continue reading

Falcon Wings Part 2: The Pack DIY

DIY Falcon Wings Part 2: The Pack This is the second half of the Falcon Wings tutorial, this is for the pack part that the wings actually fold up into. Continue reading

Winter Soldier Costume Part 3: DIY Winter Soldier Mask

DIY Winter Soldier maskOk, so finally got the DIY Winter Soldier mask tutorial finished. Continue reading

Black Widow Costume Part 2 – DIY Black Widow Costume belt, holster, bracelets, gloves

DIY Black Widow Costume Part 2: belt, holster, bracelets, gloves So here is part 2 of the DIY Black Widow costume tutorial, following last week’s Black Widow bodysuit tutorial. Continue reading

Iron Man Arc Reactor that Really Glows – DIY Cheap and Easy

Iron Man Arc Reactor - DIY Cheap and Easy This Iron Man arc reactor looks amazingly realistic, but is actually very easy to make and can be put together with just a few simple materials for around $5. Continue reading