How to Make Halloween Spider Soaps

How to Make Halloween Spider Soaps Get your kitchen or bathroom ready for Halloween by making some Halloween spider soaps. Continue reading

Is It Too Early for Halloween?

I know it’s still September, but does that mean it’s too early for Halloween soaps? I sure hope not, because I’m having way too much fun making these to stop now.

I found some new molds made of that flexible silicon stuff I am SO in love with (it’s so much easier than trying to work with plastic molds) and they are just right for the upcoming season. Plus I also had a request again for the “spider soaps” I made last year in October, so I figured as long as I was doing spider soaps, I might as well do Jack-o-lantern soaps as well. The two kinds together having a rather charming, albeit slightly creepy (we have the spiders to thank for that) effect.

We also started harvesting our Jack-be-little gourds and all the various hybrids with different names, (but which look quite similar to Jack-be-littles making it easier to simply refer to them all as “Jacks”). So I will be bringing my flowered gourds to Canandaigua this weekend if I have enough time to finish them between now and then. I know several people have been looking for them. So wish me time (I need it more than luck at the moment!)