Phaser: Wrath of Khan – DIY Wrath of Khan Style Star Trek Phaser

DIY Wrath of Khan Style Star Trek Phaser I had a request for another Star Trek phaser tutorial, but this time it’s the one from the Wrath of Khan movie. Continue reading

Dr. McCoy Tunic – DIY “Bones” Medical Tunic

DIY Dr. McCoy Tunic This is the tutorial for the short-sleeved, satin medical tunic that McCoy usually wore on board the Enterprise in Star Trek TOS. Continue reading

Communicator – DIY Star Trek Communicator and Tricorder

Star Trek communicator and tricorderIf you have a box of tacks and an old transistor radio, you can make an inexpensive Star Trek communicator and Tricorder. Continue reading

Lt. Uhura – How to Make a Lt. Uhura Costume Easy

Lt. Uhura CostumeSince I’d already done the male Star Trek costumes, figured I’d do the female version as well for the Lt. Uhura Costume. Continue reading

DIY Cheap and Easy Star Trek Costumes (TOS)

DIY Cheap and Easy Star Trek CostumesIf an Anovos replica is a little out of your price range, you can make your own TOS Star Trek costumes out of a turtleneck with almost no sewing for under $10. Continue reading