DIY Flare Jeans

DIY Flare Jeans You can buy flare jeans in the store, but when you make them yourself, you can add more of your personal style to your flares. Continue reading

How to Make a Skirt from an Old Pair of Jeans

Jean SkirtYou can upcycle an old pair of jeans into a fun denim skirt by adding a little bit of material. It’s a good way to use up old jeans that have holes in the knees, but where the top is still good. Continue reading

Make a Moth-Repelling Lavender Sock Sachet

Scuffing my feet in and out of farm boots all the time means that I go through pairs of socks pretty fast. That leaves me with quite the pile of socks with holes in the heels. I’ve tried darning them, but it doesn’t really last that long, so what to do with all those un-wearable socks? Make sock sachets!

More specifically, sock sachets filled with lavender. It’s a “two birds with one stone,” solution. Moths don’t like the smell of lavender, so a sachet filled with lavender heads keeps moths away from clothes just as well as cedar or mothballs would (and the lavender smells a lot better too!). And making the sachets out of old socks is a great way to upcycle socks that are past their prime.

Why buy new when you can buy second hand?

I am a huge fan of shopping at the Salvation Army, Volunteers of America, the Goodwill and just about any other second-hand shop you can name. For one thing I like to experiment with clothes and costumes that I’m making. I don’t feel as bad if something gets wrecked when it was a used item I picked up for a few bucks at the local second-hand shop. Another reason I love such thrift shops is that the selection is so much better than in regular stores. Second-hand shops have all types of clothing, not just the latest trends or what’s currently in season (I usually don’t like the latest trends anyway, so it works for me). The clothing are from all trends, all brands, and all seasons, and of course, you can’t beat the price. I also have a particular penchant for vinyl records (Yes, I’m one of those crazy young people who thinks records sound warmer, but play an Animals CD and then play an Animals vinyl and tell me the vinyl doesn’t totally rock!) and I love finding them for a $1 in the second-hand shop (itunes eat your heart out).

There does, however, seem to be a certain stigma Continue reading

How to Turn a T-shirt into a Dress, Part 2

Here is part 2 of the tutorial. This is the fun part where it really starts looking like a dress. Adding a bit of bias tape to the bottom gives it a nice finishing touch.

How to Turn a T-shirt into a Dress, Part 1

I had a bunch of extra material lying around from some curtains I’d made, so I sewed them to the bottom of a T-shirt to make a child’s sundress. It’s a fairly quick and easy sewing project if you like to sew without doing much cutting. (And the small scraps are excellent for crazy quilts.)

Lotion Jar Candles

My favorite candles to make are the kind that involve using a recycled container. I’d been collecting these tiny lotion jars all winter and last night got around to make some small soy candles. The cute little lotion jars make ideal containers. Why just recycle when upcycling is so much more fun!