How to Make a Pop Up Tissue Paper Valentine Heart Card

valentine heart cardA few layers of tissue paper glued together in a honeycomb pattern makes a charming pop-up Valentine heart card. Continue reading

Easy Paper Heart Valentine Decorations

valentine decorationsThese little Valentine decorations go together pretty quick and they’re easy enough Valentine crafts that kids can make them. Continue reading

Easy Valentine Heart Garland

Valentine Heart GarlandA little cardboard, yarn, and some tacky glue are all you need to make a cute Valentine heart garland. Continue reading

How to Make a Lacy Heart Valentine Magnet

Most Valentines go through the mail, are enjoyed for a few weeks, and are then thrown out, never to be seen again. So this year I decided to try something a little more practical, by giving out Valentine magnets instead of Valentine cards. They’re something practical (as far as I know, everybody uses magnets at some point or another) as well as being cute enough to keep year round.

These little magnets are also a good way to recycled excess seambinding pieces, small bits of cardstock and business card magnets. (In the office where I work, they often update the magnetic business cards. Rather than throw out the old ones, I take them home for crafts, so I’ve usually got plenty that need recycling.) The lace makes these look fancy, but really they only take a few minutes to make, and since they use hot glue, you don’t even have to wait long for the glue to dry!

2 Minute Valentine Card

Here’s a simple, kid-friendly Valentine card that’s good to do with younger kids. It’s quick and easy and turns a bunch of hearts into a flower for Valentine’s Day. Regular tacky glue and kid-friendly scissors will help keep the project nice and safe for tiny hands.

How to Make a Valentine Hearts Wreath from Scrapbooking Paper

This wreath uses 6 strips of scrapbooking cardstock to make hearts. I used tacky glue to fasten my hearts together which makes the sides pinch up and gives the hearts a pointed, abstract look. If you don’t like that look and want the heart edges to remain rounded, use some scrapbooking sticky dots instead to connect the hearts together.

How to Make a Woven Hearts Valentine Card

This card is made out of two scrapbooking paper hearts that have been woven together. For a cutting template for this project, click the image below.


Wall Paper Valentines

My aunt used to work for a design company and every year, when the new wallpaper samples would come in, she would give us the books containing the old samples from the previous year. I think more than anything we spent time making Valentines out of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper samples offer a great range of creative possibilities. The paper samples themselves are thick and flexible so they don’t rip easily, which is always nice. And the selection of wallpaper usually lends itself well to Valentine’s Day as floral patterns are often found in abundance. A simple heart made of wallpaper cut with decorative shears looks several times more elegant than the same heart made of construction paper.

A simple way to make an attractive Valentine heart is to cut two half heart pieces from different colored wallpapers, but with corresponding patterns. Then cut two slashes half way up each of them like this:

Weave the two pieces together to create a beautiful Valentine heart. (I was looking for a picture of the ones my siblings and I used to make, but can’t seem to find one. If I locate one I’ll post it) This is a great project for children.