Thanos Infinity Gauntlet – Cheap and Easy DIY Infinity Gauntlet

Cheap and Easy DIY Infinity GauntletSo in this tutorial we’ll make a cheap and easy DIY Infinity Gauntlet! (Doesn’t that just put a smile on your face…)

I had several requests for this tutorial (because honestly who doesn’t want to be ready for Infinity War coming out in a few months). So I created this tutorial for a cheap and easy version. I already had the gold paint, the puffy paint, and the glue on hand when I made this, so basically all I ended up buying was the glove and the plastic gems. But even if you don’t already have all the paint and glue on hand, it’s still pretty inexpensive to make.

A left-handed glove (check your local 2nd hand shops)
1 sheet of 3mm craft foam
Round plastic rhinestones: pink, yellow, green, red, blue
1 purple oval plastic rhinestone (Found in JoAnn Fabrics – can’t remember brand name)
Hot glue gun
Gold puffy paint
White school glue
Foam brush and cup to hold glue
Metallic gold paint 

The glove I used as the base for this DIY Infinity Gauntlet was just one I picked for 50 cents in the local Salvation Army (so check your local second hand shops). The little “ruffles” on the edges of the fingers concerned me at first, since I thought they might make it look bad, but by the time I got the gold paint on it, it looked just fine.

I did mess up the bottom on my DIY Infinity Gauntlet a bit. It should have gotten wider the closer it got to the bottom, and I ended up just making mine the same width all the way down unfortunately. So when you’re making yours, before you hot glue it in place, make sure it’s wider at the bottom than at the top for a more authentic look.

For the puffy paint on the wrist of the glove, I took a little artistic liberty and just kind of free-handed a random design on it. It’s similar to what I can see on the movie version of the Infinity Gauntlet, but not exactly the same. So just Google a few pics of the Infinity Gauntlet and kind of go from there to make your own puffy paint design. As long as it gives it dimension, it’s not going to matter if it’s an exact match.

So good luck on your making your own DIY Infinity Gaunlet. You’ll be ready for Infinity War…balancing the universe is optional…

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