Wheat Weaving Tutorial: Fairy Harp

Wheat Weaving Tutorial: Fairy Harp This fairy harp is a wheat weaving of my own design using spiral and Welsh fan plaits.

Harps are a common symbol among traditional wheat weavings. Most wheat weaving harps are very similar with just a few alterations here and there. Because they’re so tiny, I think of them as something the fairy folk might use, hence the name of my fairy harp wheat weaving here.

When doing the spiral weaving, I spiral to the left because I’m right-handed, but if you’re left-handed, you may want to spiral to the right instead. Either way will work as long as all your straws are spiraling the same direction.

If you’ve never woven with wheat before, click here to learn the basics.

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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