The Health Benefits of Eating Pumpkin Seeds

With the taste of the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie still fresh in my mind and a few pieces of last week’s batch of pumpkin-seed brittle still floating around on the counter top, I suppose it’s no wonder that I’m still thinking pumpkins. Specifically I’m thinking about pumpkin seeds and the many tasty, yet very healthy benefits they provide. They’re really a little miracle snack.

Pumpkin seeds often mimic nuts in their nutrition content. Whereas nut allergies are common, however, allergies to pumpkin seeds are very rare. This makes them a great substitute for people who are sensitive to nuts but still want the health benefits. Continue reading

Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Thoroughly enjoying my time off from getting ready for craft shows and changing instead to holiday mode. And what’s the first thing we all think of when it comes time to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday? Food of course!

I generally suck as a cook (really I do, ask anyone who’s ever eaten some of my mysterious culinary NON-delights), but once in a while I find that rare recipe that I’m actually good at (usually something in the area of baking that contains some sort of dough). So I recently stumbled upon a recipe for pumpkin-seed brittle. I must say, the stuff is delish! (and easy enough that even I can cook it). Continue reading