Harry Potter Costume Tutorial Part 2: Easy No-Sew Robe, Crest, & Glasses

Here is part 2 of the Harry Potter costume tutorial. This covers making the robe, the house crest, and a pair of glasses. Continue reading

Harry Potter Costume Part 1: Easy No-Sew Sweater, Shirt, & Tie

Easy No-Sew Harry Potter Costume Part 1: Sweater, Shirt, & TieThis is a quick and easy Harry Potter costume that requires almost no sewing, save for a small bit to attach the robe closure. It’s easy enough that kids can make it themselves.  Continue reading

I’m In Love with Kat Wise’s Coats

I think I’m in love…with coats. I recently discovered the wonderful, wild, wacky and ever-so colorful world of Kat Wise, a coatmaker. She upcycles old sweaters from thrift shops and turns them into amazing sweater coats. Some of them are rainbow shades (almost as colorful as her neat little house!), and some are sunfire oranges and yellows, and others are dark like something a modern witch would wear (actually several of them look like something Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter would wear). The seams are all done inside out, so it gives them a gypsy skirt effect.

I’m right in the middle of spring cleaning my craft room (aka my bedroom, so yes it’s a little crowded at the moment), but as soon as I’m finished, I’ve just got to make one these coats. I’d probably never wear a coat that length myself, but it’s the making them that gives me the thrill, and those are something I’m definitely itching to make. If it involves something recycled, I generally want to try it. If my coat turns out ok, I’ll post the video.

For now, check out my favorite of Kat’s coats.