Pumpkin Seed Saving

October 15th, 2017

Pumpkin seed savingDon’t throw away those seeds when you carve your pumpkins this year. Instead do a little pumpkin seed saving and use them as the beginning’s of next year’s pumpkin patch.  …Read more

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In the sun-dappled glade of a secret wood, where few mortals have ever
set foot, a little elf is busily creating things...

Ok, so the secret wood is really just a farm surrounded by trees, and actually quite a few mortals set foot there, but it sounded better to poeticize it. I’m known as "The Elf," a nickname that was permanently bestowed upon me by my siblings, and this is my whimsical little world of creative endeavours.

If you're a fellow do-it-yourselfer looking for inspiration or your next project, mosey over to The Crafter's Corner for DIY articles, how-to videos, a few "possibly" edible recipes, and info about my crafts and costumes. For the correspondence-minded, I offer a selection of Handmade Photo Greeting Cards with a variety of images, made from recycled paper. For the younger folks, check out The Witching Hour, an illustrated children's book taking place on a magical Halloween night.

Locally, I'm a vendor at the Canandaigua, Victor and Cheshire Farm Markets in the Finger Lakes area of Upstate, NY. I bring my farm's veggies, flower bouquets and handmade crafts to the markets. Head over to the Down on the Farm section for more info about my farm and market schedule.

I hope that you enjoy poking around my crazy little woodland. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook or Youtube or join the Mailing List to keep up on what's happening in the woodland. And if you're local, catch me at the markets this summer!

~ Amber Reifsteck, The Woodland Elf