Aquaman Costume Tutorial Part 4: Boots and Belt

Aquaman Costume Tutorial Boots and BeltSo the boots and the belt comprise part 4 of the Aquaman costume tutorial.

The bases for both the boots and the belt came from the Salvation Army for a few dollars, so check your local 2nd hand shops (it’s cheaper and it makes your costume more eco-friendly too). I just used some Krylon metallic gold for the boots, and it seemed to stick to them fine with out flaking.

A pair of old boots
Masking tape
Metallic gold paint
Oven bake clay
Awl or other pointed object (I used a knitting needle)
A old belt
Wide-eyed needle and a piece of string or yarn

Aquaman Costume Tutorial Part 4 boots and belt video tutorial Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf
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