Harley Quinn Costume Jewelry – DIY Cheap and Easy Bracelets and Choker

DIY Cheap and Easy Harley Quinn Costume Jewelry - Suicide Squad Bracelets and Choker Part 3 of the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume is her Puddin choker and bracelets (both the spikey ones, and the Yes & Sir bracelets she wore below the spikey ones).

I did not do the Harley Quinn ear jewelry because I don’t have pierced ears, and the clip on bases just don’t look the same. I also opted not to do Harley Quinn’s ring, because I could never find any good stills of it to see exactly what is on it (some sort of animal skeleton possibly?).

I think Harley Quinn’s Yes & Sir bracelets were actually a dark purple, but I had some stray black ribbon to use up, so I just made mine black. The spikes on my bracelets are also about twice as high as they should be, (which I should have realized sooner, but didn’t…) so you’ll want to make them a bit smaller. Like last week, the super-shiny metallic gold look was achieved with the adhesive foil that goes in those Cricut cutting machines. You can find it in most craft stores like JoAnn’s, Michael’s, etc. Or they also sell it on Amazon here, (and like last week, I’m still madly in love with it as a cosplay crafting medium!)

Pellon (or some type of stiffener, even old denim will work)
Fabric to cover the pellon (any color, you’ll be painting over it)
Metallic gold paint
Sticky-back Velcro
3mm craft foam
Adhesive gold foil (Amazon link)
2 pieces of dark purple or black ribbon (About an inch and a half in width, long enough to go around your wrist)
2 pipecleaners
Scissors or x-acto
Hot glue gun
Paint brush

Harley Quinn costume tutorial by Amber Reifsteck ~ TheWoodland Elf

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