Iron Man Repulsor – DIY Cheap and Easy

DIY Cheap and Easy Iron Man Repulsor Had a request for an Iron Man repulsor tutorial. This a fairly cheap and easy Iron Man repulsor which you can put together with some pretty basic supplies.

There’s no fancy wiring involved in this Iron Man repulsor tutorial, just a few battery-powered lights. When you tear your duct tape pieces, give them a cut to start the tear so it will be a neater line (or if you have duct tape scissors, just cut all the way down the tape strips to keep all the lines crisp). The red gloves I found for a couple bucks in a 2nd hand shop and the white lights I used for these Iron Man repulsors can be purchased from Amazon here. Depending on which version of the Iron Man repulsor you’re doing, you can also add details in gold duct tape.

Red gloves (fake leather or plastic, so the duct tape sticks to them)
White finger lights (Amazon link)
Clear, round cap
White paper
Red duct tape

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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