DIY Coca Cola Candles

DIY Coca Cola CandlesThe trick to making these Coca Cola candles look fizzy is to used whipped wax.

Start by heating your chosen wax to pouring temperature. I recommend soy wax for this project because it whips well for the top foam part (If you’re looking for soy wax made from sustainably grown soy, check out Candlewic’s selection of “ecosoya” wax). Stir in some brown candle dye until you get a dark, chocolate-like color. You can also add some black dye if you want it even darker like real Coke.

Once you have your wax colored to preference, pour a half inch into the bottom of a small (6 oz is usually a good size) Coca Cola glass. These are usually pretty easy to find in any store that sells dishes, but if you can’t find them locally, they also sell them inexpensively here on Then set the end of a piece of papercore wick in the center of the hot wax in the glass and leave it to harden.

Once the wax has hardened around the wick, pull the wick up tight and secure it to the top of the Coke glass with a wick clip or by wrapping the excess wick around a pencil and laying it across the glass. Then reheat your remaining wax to pouring temperature. When it reaches pouring temperature once again, add in your chosen scent. I don’t think anyone makes Coke candle scent yet (though I’m sure someone will probably come up with it eventually), so I found vanilla to be a somewhat fitting scent for Coca Cola candles. Use whatever fits your fancy.

Once your chosen scent is stirred in, pour the brown wax into the Coca Cola glass. Fill it up until it’s about an inch below the rim. Then leave it to cool. After about a half hour, a well will start to form around the wick. At that point, insert a knitting needle or pencil into the wax around the wick several times. Reheat your remaining brown wax to pouring temperature and pour just enough in the candle to fill the holes. Then wait for candle to cool.

Once the candle has cooled, melt down a new batch of wax. You’ll want to leave this batch white as it will be the fizz. Heat the wax just until it has melted and stir in your candle scent. Then leave the wax to cool in the pan. The top of the wax will start to get a skim over the top as it hardens. When that happens, get out an egg beater and whip up the skim (you can also stir it very quickly with a fork if you don’t have a egg beater). You’ll end up with some lumpy looking wax which is exactly what you want.

Spoon the lumpy wax onto the top of the Coke candle, making sure to cover the entire top. If you don’t have enough whipped wax, wait until more in your heating pan cools and whip up some more. When you’ve covered the whole top of the candle in whipped wax, leave the candle to cool. As it cools the whipped wax will shine like Coke foam. Then once the candle has completely cooled, trim the wick and your Coca Cola candles are ready to burn. Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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