Ben 10 Omnitrix Part 2 – DIY Hologram

How to Make a DIY Hologram for Cosplay (Ben 10 Omnitrix Part 2)This is basically part 2 of the Ben 10 Omnitrix, but I didn’t quite get it finished in time to post it with the first part last week.

It’s how to make a DIY hologram for the Omnitrix, but you can also use it for anything else that requires a hologram. You’ll just need your “hologram creator” in this case the Omnitrix, and then just draw whatever shape you want your hologram to be, whether it be a spaceship or map, etc. Just be sure that whatever you draw, you make the bottom lines at an angle, so it looks like your hologram is actually coming out of your hologram creator. (They look better in real life than on camera)

Paper print out of your chosen image to become a hologram
A piece of stiff, clear plastic (old candy boxes work great)
Neon green (or whatever color you want your hologram to be) puff paint

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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