Star Lord Part 2 – DIY Star Lord Costume: Holster Belt and Walkman

DIY Star Lord CostumeNeed an easy belt and Walkman for your DIY Star Lord costume? This tutorial shows you how to make them with a little cardboard and some distressed fabric.

The base belt I got for $1 in the Salvation Army. The distressed fabric I used on the belt I found in JoAnn Fabrics over near the costume fabrics. The Walkman printout I found a few pieces at a time searching the internet for Walkman pics and printing them out until they were all appropriate size (and fortunately was able to find one with the Star Lord mix tape showing). I simplified the Star Lord belt a lot for this costume, but you can always get more detailed if you want. And as far as headphones, it’s probably easier to just purchase a pair. They sell them for $5 at different places on the internet, and as an added benefit, you’d also get the cord, so wouldn’t need a separate one. I just made mine because I didn’t want to have to wait for a pair to arrive.

Walkman print out
Thin (cereal box type) cardboard, and a could small pieces of slightly thicker cardboard (for belt buckle)
Glue stick
2 pipecleaners
Black tape
5mm craft foam
Black cord
A brown belt
Puffy paint (any color, since you’ll be painting over it)
Orange, silver, and gunmetal gray paints and brush
Pellon or 2mm craft foam (for holsters)
1 foot of distressed fabric or fake leather
2 5inch pieces of heavy wire (bailing wire thickness)
2 D rings
Awl (something sharp to poke holes)
Hot glue gun

DIY Star Lord Costume By Amber Reifsteck – The Woodland Elf

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