Phaser: Wrath of Khan – DIY Wrath of Khan Style Star Trek Phaser

DIY Wrath of Khan Style Star Trek Phaser I had a request for another Star Trek phaser tutorial, but this time it’s the one from the Wrath of Khan movie.

I painted mine with a metallic silver, though I think the Star Trek phaser props actually used in the movie were a sort of aqua color that just looked silver at times under the studio lighting. I couldn’t find metallic aqua paint, so I just went with the silver route, but you can always do it more aqua if you want be more authentic. The clay I used for this Star Trek phaser is just an air-dry clay (you can’t use an oven bake clay for this, because there’s a cardboard form inside). You’ll want to check for one that doesn’t shrink much as it dries, otherwise it will crack.

The stuff I was using was called Plus clay, I found it in JoAnn Fabrics, and normally it doesn’t crack, but what I was using here was over a year old, so it did crack a quite a bit when it dried. (If you’re looking for a tutorial for the Star Trek phasers from The Original Series TV show, check out my how-to for that one here).

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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