Dr. Strange Costume Part 2: How to Make a Dr. Strange Costume Eye of Agamotto Amulet

How to Make a Dr. Strange Costume: Eye of Agamotto AmuletSince it’s an important part of the how to make a Dr. Strange costume, this week’s tutorial is the Eye of Agamotto amulet.

Figured this would be a good one to follow last week’s Dr. Strange magic circle prop tutorial. (The rest of the costume will come a bit later when my harvest season winds down and I have more time). You can make the Eye of Agamotto fairly simply with a little clay and some gold paint.

As an alternative to the closed eye version I made here, you could instead paint the inner eye neon green to represent the open-eyed amulet. You could also cut out the inner eye completely and stick a green finger light in the hole if you want your Eye of Agamotto to actually light up.

Oven bake clay
Necklace chain
X-action knife or other cutting tool
Needle or toothpick
Metallic gold paint

How to Make A Dr. Strange Costume: Eye of Agamotta Amulet Tutorial Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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