Easy DIY Necktie Skirt

Easy DIY Necktie SkirtIf you have some old neckties lying around, you can easily turn them into a necktie skirt.

Well, I previously dyed eggs with some of my dad’s old neckties (check out the tutorial here if you missed it), but I still had some ties lying around, so I found another project that utilized them: a necktie skirt. When choosing your ties for this skirt, it’s helpful to make sure they’re all the same width. A necktie skirt also holds its shape better if the ties are all made of the same material.

Most neckties have center slits that run down the backside of them. When you’re making this necktie skirt, be sure to keep those slits on the inside of the skirt where they won’t be seen. This skirt is very easy to make as there is no need for a seam allowance (other than the extra inch of length), because everything is sewn flat with a zig-zag stitch. As such the stitch is visible both inside and outside of the necktie skirt. You might want to experiment with different colored threads for sewing the zig-zag seamlines. Changing the thread color to blend or contrast can give the necktie skirt a whole new accent.

If you find your waistband tie isn’t long enough, you can just sew the ends of two together to give the waistband of the necktie skirt added length.

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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