Wrath of Khan Era Star Fleet Uniform – Easy, No-Sew Star Trek Uniform

Easy, No-Sew Star Trek Uniforms (WOK era) Part 1Had a couple requests for a Wrath of Khan era Star Trek movie uniform tutorial, so here it is. I broke it into 3 how-to videos below.

I was able to make the entire costume for about $10 (though it might cost a bit more if you don’t have scrap pieces of pellon, foam, and spray paint lying around). When choosing a blazer, you want to get one a few sizes too large for you, so it’ll be big enough to pull across your chest and make the side-closure. While the basic uniform is the same for all the characters, there are subtle differences in the “decorations” that appear on the straps, as well as the colors of the under turtlenecks. I’ve based this one on Mr. Spock’s uniform as he’s my favorite character, but you can easily do one of the other characters by altering the colors and decorations. Just look at a few movie stills to see what you’ll have to tweak.

You’ll want to make sure you don’t throw the finished uniform in the dryer if you use hot glue, as it will melt and wreck your uniform. If you’re a female cosplayer with a larger chest, you might have to put in a dart on each side to make the jacket fit over your chest properly. Also with the black ribbon lining the outer flap of the uniform, you want to stop at the neck. I ended up going up a bit too far and you’ll see at the end it goes over around the neck quite a bit further than it should. And if you don’t want to make your own Star Fleet pin badge, they do sell this replica on Amazon, though obviously they’re a bit more expensive than just making your own out of cardboard. By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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