Batman Part 2: How to Make a Batman Costume: Emblem & Chest Armor

How to Make a Batman Costume: Emblem and Chest ArmorSo onto part 2 of how to make a Batman costume, this is for the Batman emblem and the chest armor.

The emblem pattern you can easily find by just searching “Michael Keaton Batman Symbol.” I used a gold foil fabric that I found in JoAnn Fabrics, rather than the traditional plain yellow, because I wanted it to match the rest of my family’s Justice League costumes and look a little less “cartoony.” But you can always do the bright gold instead if you prefer it.

The chest armor is based on the armor he wore in Batman returns (because let’s it face it, that was more badass than the first movie’s armor), but I simplified it a lot to make it easier and faster. It’s fairly flat, but you can always heat it up and shape it to make it more body-shaped if you want.

3 or 4 sheets of 3mm craft foam
2 sheets of 5mm craft foam
Small scraps of black pleather
Small scrap of gold foil fabric (or yellow pleather if you want to go more traditional)
Hot glue gun

How to make a Batman Costume: Emblem and Chest Armor Tutorial Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf
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