Boba Fett Costume Part 3: How to Make Boba Fett Armor (pepakura-ish)

How to Make a Boba Fett Costume: Armor (pepakura-ish) Had 5 requests for the rest of the Boba Fett costume, so this is for the armor panels and suit.

Posting a bit early this week, due to the Thanksgiving holiday this week. Then next week, I’ll post the helmet and gauntlets tutorial. This is partially a guest post by my brother, so like most of the stuff he does, it’s very in depth, not the usually simple stuff I do. The camera was having problems, so he didn’t all the parts filmed, and a lot of this was experimental for him, so if you have questions, post them below and we’ll answer them. The thinner foam can be gotten from JoAnn fabrics or Michael’s. The thick gray, EVA foam can be found in places like Lowes, or the Home Depot.

The Boba Fett armor templates my brother used here can be downloaded at The Dented Helmet. And the pepakura viewer and designer (you’ll need both) can be downloaded free here. (I don’t think they have it available for Mac users yet). By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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