How to Make a Halloween Spellbook

How to Make a Halloween Spellbook With a little tissue paper, you can give an old hardcover book new life as a magical Halloween spellbook.

Using this fun technique, the tissue paper takes on the look of ancient leather, perfect for a Halloween spellbook. It would make a great Harry Potter spell book, if you’re going as a Hogwarts student for Halloween. If you don’t want to use scrapbooking notions for the corners and keyhole, you can make those out of puffy paint and paint over them afterward, just like the spider web. If you want to use the scrapbooking notions, I found the Tim Holtz ones worked great because they already have that ancient, distressed look about them. You can get the corners I used here. They come in a multi-pack so you’d have enough for 3 spellbooks. And the keyholes can be gotten here, again a multi-pack so you’ll have enough for several spellbooks.

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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