Loki Staff – How to Make a Loki Costume Staff that Actually Glows

Loki staffHere is the first part of the Loki Costume tutorial. It’s a fairly simple and inexpensive way to make a Loki staff that actually lights up.

I didn’t have time to film my Loki costume while I was making it for the comic con last fall. I had two costumes to make, Thor and Loki, and I only had time to film one. I assumed Thor would be the popular one, so I filmed that one (you can see the Thor costume tutorials here), but it ends up Loki is actually the more popular Asgardian brother. As such, I’ve gotten several requests to do a Loki costume tutorial.

Since my costume has already been made, I can’t show the full making of it, but I do break it down and explain how I did it. This is part one (the rest will follow in the coming weeks), Loki’s staff. For the blade pieces, you can either draw them free hand, or use the free template here.

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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