Lt. Uhura – How to Make a Lt. Uhura Costume Easy

Lt. Uhura CostumeSince I’d already done the male Star Trek costumes, figured I’d do the female version as well for the Lt. Uhura Costume.

The female Star Trek uniform for the Lt. Uhura costume requires a little more sewing than the male Star Trek uniforms, but it is minimal. Just like the male costumes, the Lt. Uhura dress starts out as a turtleneck, so it doesn’t require a pattern, just a little bit of tweaking to turn it into a Lt. Uhura costume.

Finish the costume with a pair of high boots and put your hair up into a 60’s beehive for the completed look. You could also use this dress for Janice Rand by simply leaving the gold trim off the sleeves.

(For instructions on how to make the star fleet badge, watch the male Star Trek uniform tutorial here.)

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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