How to Make Shredded Layer Soaps (melt and pour)

How to Make Shredded Layer Soaps (melt and pour)Shredded layer soaps consist of cutting up an opaque bar of soap, and immersing the shreds in a transparent bar of soap.

The resulting shredded layer soap bar gives the impression of motion. When scented with citrus smells, the shreds also double in appearance as citrus fruit peels. The scents I use here are essential oils, and the dyes are homemade veggie dyes. I do have a tutorial posted for the dandelion dye here:

Opaque melt and pour soap base
Transparent melt and pour soap base
Melting pan
Soap scent
Soap dye
Square or rectangular soap mold
Stirring stick

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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