Thor Costume Part 1 – How to Make Thor Costume Arm Bracers

Thor costume BracersThis is a video tutorial to make arm bracers for a Thor costume. You’ll be needing pellon and silver fabric – both of which I found at Joann Fabrics.

Ever since I saw The Avengers movie last year, I’ve been itching to replicate the costumes from it. Thor is my first attempt. This bracer tutorial will be the first in a series to create an entire God of Thunder ensemble.

The Thor costume from The Avengers movie and the Thor movies differ slightly. This costume tutorial aims to recreate the slightly more fun costume from The Avengers movie. Download the free bracer pattern to accompany this tutorial here.

Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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2 thoughts on “Thor Costume Part 1 – How to Make Thor Costume Arm Bracers

  1. Hi, Amber. Thank you for posting the tutorial on Thor’s arm bracers. I used your pattern to make a pair for a 5K race. Instead of sewing them, I made them from cardboard and chrome duct tape. I then traced the design on the tape with a Sharpie. The final step was to hot glue elastic on the back to secure them on my arms. They added so much to the costume and I got a lot of compliments! Your creativity is much appreciated!

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