Infinity Orb – DIY Infinity Orb, Cheap and Easy Guardians of the Galaxy

DIY Infinity Orb cheap and easyThis cheap DIY infinity orb is very easy to make, and it actually opens so you can put your infinity stone inside.

I had a couple requests for a Star Lord costume, so this is the first part of that. My infinity orb is a bit smaller than the one that was in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie because this was the only side ball I could find that would actually open. If you don’t need your DIY infinity orb to open, you can use any plastic ball closer in size to the infinity orb in the movie. (It doesn’t actually have to clear. I realized afterward I’d said clear during the filming, but it can be any color since you’ll just be painting it anyway). The particular plastic ball I used here I found in JoAnn Fabrics. It was called an ornament ball. If you can’t one find one at your JoAnn’s, they also sell them on Amazon here. (The ones on Amazon open too, and are also a bit bigger and therefore closer to the actual infinity orb size.)

Plastic ornament ball
Utility knife (or something sharp)
Black, metallic gold, and metallic silver paint
Paint brush
3 mm foam (a half sheet will be more than enough)
Hot glue gun
2 purple plastic gems (for infinity stone)

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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2 thoughts on “Infinity Orb – DIY Infinity Orb, Cheap and Easy Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. Hi Amber, “What a cool easy project to make.” when I have the time this month I’m going to try and make one or two.
    Have a good month of June Amber.

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