Kid Wine: A non-alcoholic alternative

With the holidays beginning Thursday, there will be many get-togethers, and many people driving home afterward. Instead of adding to the dangers of the road by serving wine, try this non-alcoholic alternative.

For years, Thanksgiving in my family has been synonymous with two things: listening to Arlo Guthrie’s 20 minute story/song “Alice’s Restaurant” and drinking kid wine. Kid wine is the name my family has for sparkling grape juice.

Sparkling grape juice is a great alternative to alcohol. The white in particular is a dead-on imitation of champagne, but without the alcohol. It tastes and smells enough like the real thing that we have had people believe they were actually drinking the real thing.

Sparkling grape juice can go with any meal as it is available in pink (the big favorite in my family), red and white. It is readily available in stores, but can be easily made at home.

To make your own, create a mixture of half ginger ale and half grape juice. For pink kid wine, use purple grape juice; for white kid wine, use white grape juice; and for red, use red grape juice (in this case, make the ratio 2 parts grape juice to 1 part ginger ale). Served chilled in wine glasses and enjoy.
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