Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune SystemIt’s the end of November and that means that cold and flu season will soon be arriving. Here are a few natural ways to boost your immune system before then.

You Are as Healthy As You Eat

It’s often said you are what you eat, and it’s true, you will be as healthy as you eat. Probably the best of the natural ways to boost your immune system is to simply eat healthy. Eat fruits and veggies on a regular basis. They work great as snacks instead of cookies and and processed crackers. A few that are especially good for your immune system include carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, garlic, berries, and leafy greens like kale, cabbage, and chard.

Instead of grabbing a can of soda (or pop as we call it here in western, NY) drink plenty of water and fruit juices. This will also help reduce your sugar intake which in itself will boost your immune system. Sugar decreases your white blood cells’ ability to fight bacteria. So decrease your sugar and increase your immune system.

You can also make a tea of pine needles and rose hips. Both are loaded with immune boosting vitamin C. Check out the recipe here.

Exercise and Rest

Even though the snow and cold temperatures make you less inclined to go outside and run around, exercise is still a must this time of year. Exercise gets your blood moving and helps rid your body of immune crushing toxins. Rest is important as well, however. Making sure you’re getting enough sleep at night is one of the simplest natural ways to boost your immune system and remain healthy.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress is something that is often present in our lives. It’s also unfortunately an immune system killer. While we may not be able to decrease the amount of stress we face each day, we can change how we deal with it. Meditation is one of the easy natural ways to boost your immune system by helping to reduce your stress level. Even 20 minutes a day of meditation can have a huge impact on your immune system’s well being.

Yoga often has a similar effect as meditation when dealing with stress hormones. It calms the mind and body allowing your immune system to work properly. Plus, you get your stress reduction and exercise all at one time. (Locals check out the BEAR Yoga Project in Rushville)

Laughter is also one of the great and fun natural ways to boost your immune system. It’s often said laughter is the best medicine and it’s quite true. Laughter reduces stress hormones in your body, so next time you want to indulge in that funny movie or comedy novel, you’ll know you’re boosting your immune system as well.

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