Spiderman Costume Tutorial Part 3: DIY Web Shooters and Gloves

Spiderman Costume Tutorial Web Shooters and Gloves What would Spiderman be without his web shooters? Not much of a spider. And so part 3 of the Spiderman costume tutorial is the much requested Spiderman web shooters.

The red material I used for the gloves were just some scrap pieces left over from the red shirt I cut up for previous part of the Spiderman costume tutorial, the Spiderman mask. Because the material is stretchy, you can pretty much just trace your hand size. The web shooters I simplified a lot to make them easier to create. The pieces are pretty easy to draw freehand, but if you want a guide, I do have a free template you can download here. Just make sure when you’re cutting them, you make the sides long enough to go around your wrist with your Spiderman shirt on.

1 foot of red material (if you made the Spiderman mask, you’ll probably have enough scraps left from that)
Sewing machine or needle and thread.
Blue fabric marker
Hot glue gun
Black puffy paint
1 sheet of 3mm craft foam
Scrap pieces of 5mm craft foam
Sticky backed velcro
2 crayons
Metallic silver paint and brush

Spiderman Costume Tutorial: DIY Web Shooters and Gloves Video Copyright © Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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