Harley Quinn Costume Suicide Squad DIY Hair, Tattoos, and Good Night Bat

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume DIY Hair, Tattoos, and Good Night Bat So the final part of the requested Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume is the pigtails, tattoos and good night bat.

Sorry for the bad lighting in the 2nd half of the video; it’s the only place with a mirror and the light is not very good there. I didn’t do the Harley Quinn leg tattoos, since I chose to wear black leggings, so they wouldn’t be seen anyway, but if I had done them, I would have used the same pointed facepaint crayons that I used for the other tattoos. I also opted not to do the full white face makeup, in the interest of saving time, but if you want to be really authentic, you’ll probably want to do that before doing the lipstick and eyeshadow.

The eyeshadow method I used for coloring my hair is basically the same thing as hair chalking. It’s the same eyeshadow I used for my Harley Quinn eyes too, so it’s one-stop shopping without having to try and go find some hair chalk. You can also spray your hair with hairspray and run a hair iron over it to seal in the color a little longer. To remove the color, just run a brush through your hair a few times, then jump in the shower for a few minutes with a little shampoo. You might also want to condition it a bit, because the eyeshadow dries the hair out a fair bit (it was static electricity city when I was combing the color out it initially).

For the makeup, the eyeshadow I used was just some that I picked up last minute, and I’m not really going to recommend it because the colors were kind of wrong, and they had a lot of unpleasant chemicals listed on them; use something healthier. The facepaint crayons I found in JoAnn fabrics, and yes they also had a few not-so-nice chemicals, but the pointed ends came in really handy for drawing the tattoos, and they don’t really smudge unless they get wet. And finally, the lip crayon I used was from Burt’s Bees and I’ll happily recommend that because it has much much nicer ingredients.

Baseball bat
Red and blue paper
Black marker
2 hair clips or bobby pins (anything to section off the 2 bits of hair in the front)
2 hair elastics (red and blue if possible. If not, then also add a strip of red and blue material to cover the elastics)
Pink and blue eyeshadows (in single tins – makes it easier to your color hair)
Red and black facepaint crayons
Red lipstick (I used Burt’s Bees lip crayon in color Napa Vineyard – Amazon link)

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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