Upcycled Containers

Upcycled ContainersA little ribbon and some fabric or lace can turn old, used jars into adorable upcycled containers.

These upcycled containers were made by a fellow crafty gal up north, and I had to share them because they’re such great examples, of simple and fun recycling projects. You can easily make them out of any used containers you might have, such as old makeup jars or food containers. (The black and white one began its life as a peanut butter jar).

Then just embellish your chosen containers by hot gluing on your favorite fabrics, ribbons, and laces. Also don’t underestimate the power of a few perfectly placed sequins, rhinestones, or fabric flowers. There really is no limit to the decorating possibilities with these upcycled containers, just use your imagination. Always remember the crafter’s motto…If all else fails, add another embellishment.

And don’t stop at using your finished creations just as pretty containers. You can get really creative, like Doreen did, and turn a few of them into purses or carryable containers by adding a strap. The black and white one (that began its life as peanut butter jar) is an example of this. Doreen decorated it up with the pretty fabrics, and then attached a long piece to use as a purse strap. The end screws on and off to keep everything you’re carrying safe and contained. Cute, practical, and recycled. It doesn’t get better than that.

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