What To Plant Where

PlantingSo you have a garden, but it doesn’t always have full sun in all parts. What do you plant where?

Most vegetable plants like sun, but fortunately different plants require different amounts of sun. Knowing this, you can plan your garden accordingly. Take a walk through your garden and keep track of which areas receive the most sun and which receive the least. When transplanting time arrives, you’ll be a step ahead by already knowing what you’re going to plant where.

In general plants that produce fruits like sunshine and plenty of it, while root plans or leafy greens can often get along without being in full sun. Below are a couple lists of plants and their various sun needs. These are just a few of the more common plants, but there are many others people grow. Reading the back of your seed package will usually tell you how much sun your plants will require, but here is a generalized list a few a common plants and their sun needs.

Plants requiring a lot of sun include:
Most types of melons
Pumpkins and squashes
Strawberries (these can grow in partial shade, but they taste much sweeter if they’re sun-ripened)
Peas (the same as for strawberries)
All types of corn

Plants that can get by with moderate amounts of sun include:
Swiss chard

The last four leafy greens mentioned can actually get by very well with just a few hours of sunlight each day, so they are best to plant in your least sunny garden areas.

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